Le Green

LE' GREEN The world 1st and Only one complete Blood Type whole food ie. the LeGreen is customised for each of the blood type so that it can deliver all the necessary nutrients which our body needs to enhance our immune system and stay healthy. If you are blood type “O”, the hunter, with a hardy digestive tract and an over-secretion or high-levels of stomach


V-TUALANG Black Tualang Honey is a multifloral jungle honey sourced from the remote mountainous regions of Malaysia and Indonesia. The honey is produced by the rock bee Apis Dorsata, which builds hives on branches of tall Tualang trees. Attributing to the rich biodiversity of the tropical rain forests in Malaysia and Indonesia,


EEL OIL The Pacific “ Manyoo” from Korea is 100% natural eel oil, a natural health food, taken from the bone marrow of a fresh eel. Eel is a very nutrient fish species, having in itself abundant proteins-vitamin D, vitamin E, ample m>ucoprotein, as well as amino acid .Interestingly speaking, people from many countries like to eat eel

Pro Detox

Regular use of Detox which contains psyllium husk, a natural colon cleansing ingredients, will help you get rid of pounds of foul-smelling food debris which may be empacted inside your colon. With the removal of accumulated waste and toxin from your intestinal wall

Functional Food

VM-X Functional Food is classified as functional food because it is a natural wholesome food with therapeutic purposes. Functional food is any healthy food claimed to have a health-promoting or disease-preventing property beyond the basic function of supplying nutrients The term was first used in Japan...

Super S

Effective in breaking down the mucous layer formed on the gut interior by harmful bacteria, Creates an acidic environment in the intestine that is conducive for the survival of friendly bacteria, Brings abut efficient absorption of nutrients...


Natural particle that helps to counteract free radicals, reduce fat accumulation, nourish heart and helps to restore healthy skin and prevent premature aging...

BRC Brain Booster

Natural extracts that nurture the brain, protect never cells, enhance memory, and increase brain power for you to be ready every day.


Balance the immune system, prevent microorganism growth activate the body functions to be alert and resist foreign matter, feel confident to handle all situations with good immunity everyday.

LDC LIver Detox

Natural extracts that help to detoxify the liver, reduce inflammation of liver cells, lower fatty liver cholesterol . and blood sugar , efficiently and effectively.


Natural extracts that help to recover and nurture the liver, enhance the standard function of the liver, prevent toxins from destroying the liver cells, control hormone level and blood sugar, and enhance the immune system of the body, efficiently and effectively.